Contract Appraisal Review

Prepare appraisal review reports testing the appraisal for credible valuations and compliance with USPAP and federal regulations. Reports prepared to USPAP Standards.

Valuation Risk Management Consulting

Review the financial institution’s valuation risk management practices to ensure:

  • Sound risk management practices that satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Best business practices employed for credible real estate valuations
  • Best business practices employed for credible real estate valuationsClient service is efficient and cost effective

Consulting scope of services may include:

  • Interview valuation risk stakeholders to identify areas of concern
  • Review organizational structure for appropriate staffing and for regulatory compliance to ensure independence
  • Review valuation policies and procedures for compliance with Interagency Appraisal Guidelines and to achieve maximum operational efficiency
  • Review valuation products for regulatory compliance and to achieve maximum productivity
  • Review valuation workflow tracking system for in-house and out-source viability
  • Review sample transactions to test that actual practices follow policies and procedures
  • Review valuation group staffing and budget
  • Compare and contrast the client to peer institutions to identify best practices
  • Provide findings and recommendations
  • Implement recommendations
  • On-going assistance and support for day-to-day appraisal and regulatory questions
  • Training staff in contracting, process management, internal valuations, validations, evaluations and appraisal review
  • Preparation for audits and examinations
  • Quality Control Audits to exam the client’s approved appraiser list and work sample reviews

Litigation Support

Serve as a litigation consultant or expert witness for law firms, accounting firms, corporation in-house counsel, developer and property owners and government entities. Practice areas include bankruptcy, contamination and toxic torts, land use issues, IRS matters, fraud, eminent domain, property ta appeal  cases, insurance claims. Services provided include:

  • Expert Reports
  • Trial Support Services
    + Preparation of critique of opposing expert’s report
    + Assistance
    + Preparation of rebuttal reports and/or providing rebuttal testimony
    + Document reviews
  • Litigation Consulting
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Training & Presentations

Available for group presentations, technical workshops and lectures pertaining to real estate valuation topics including:

  • What Is the Property Worth?
  • How to Review an Appraisal for Non-appraisers
  • Commercial Credit Training – Valuation Risk Management
  • Dispute Analysis & Litigation Support Services
  • Environmental Risk and the Real Estate Process